Date: 2023-02-14

About SankoPower

About SankoPower


SankoPower Solar System was established in 1996 in China. SankoPower is a China government authorized off grid solar power home system factory and supplier.


The establishment was motivated by the opportunity presented by abundant solar irradiance in the world, opportunity for partnerships with suppliers, identified supply and demand gap in the PV market, the existing market power deficit, the call to transition to sustainable clean energy and the existence of prohibitive exorbitant prices that customers face when they want to install PV systems. The products has exported to more than 80 countries,The main supplier has capacity to produce 1GW and has in its employ more than 30 people in R&D.


Our brand

We are a quick link between reputable manufacturers and customers and can source quality products that meet customer needs and regulatory requirements at affordable prices. Our products are scalable to meet any load demand.


Brand values and beliefs

Why choose us

Our solar products and solutions offers you financial freedom, immense savings, environmental gratification, and a sense of achievement over the entire product life cycle. We source products that are SANS compliant with IEC, TUV, MSDS, EN, UL, ISO, UN38.3 certifications among others.


Our Vision

To be a reputable provider of choice for quality sustainable energy solutions on the market continent.


Our Aim

To provide a range of affordable, flexible, quality, standards compliant clean energy solutions and products to those with or without any form of electrical power.


What we promise

We promise to empower individuals, households, organisations and companies to be more productive than they are with or without fossil fuels. We promise to source a small range of high demand quality Solar PV system components locally and abroad that meet at list minimum common standards and have good warranty periods. The company invests in constant market intelligence search on PV systems in order to provide quality advice while optimizing purchase decisions. The company has a network of expertise that supports the product and business life cycle.


Our customers will have the ability to search for products, order, indicate future choices and explore technical information on solar PV systems. We offer customized and standard solutions to our customers starting from 1Kw to 999KW systems.


We promise quality affordable products that will give you many years of unparalleled trouble-free solar energy. We offer products and services at full purchase cost. In order to assist our clients and customers with their energy and financial freedom.


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