Date: 2023-03-27

Solar is the future and SankoPower is leading the way

Solar is the future and SankoPower is leading the way.


Solar energy is the future, it's renewable, available, powerful, clean, and more reliable. SankoPower has achieved significant success in the solar industry, with over 100,000 solar products sold in 78 countries.

Our award winning technology has been protected by 8 patents, making us the undisputed leader in off-grid gear. Our community of over 3,000 shareholders drives us to innovate and to serve others.


Our team has decades of experience and over $100M in sales and two public companies. Investing in SankoPower can combat inflation and climate change, plus you can take home a free solar energy when investing $1,000.

Please join SankoPower in our mission to bring GOOD ENERGY,


Why should you consider SankoPower?

The brands innovative approach towards climate change is currently in the top 2% of all crowdfunding innovations. SankoPower had successfully crowdfunded 10 products on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.


Why should you invest?

The outdoor recreation industry has now emerged as one of the top niches to invest in, with revenues of $459.8B. In 2022, SankoPower recorded $5.87M in revenue, now selling more than 100,000 products to customers in over 70 countries.


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